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"I dreamed dreams so dogged
they deserved their own collars,
shiny tags glinting my name,
silver in the sun."

In another life, I don’t

bury the lead—I burn it, breathing

fire like a flare, daring you

to come and find out

what the fuss is all about.

Victoria Horn is a contemporary poet and writer based in the rural Midwest. A quiet and contemplative child raised in the Lutheran Church, she enjoyed the relative silence of her small town upbringing and took to writing as a means of inner reflection and deep questioning. Although speaking aloud was often painful and embarrassing, Horn felt an unyielding desire to share her inner world with others in an authentic, unabashed way. In elementary and junior high school, she found immense joy in sharing her writing with trusted teachers and family members who encouraged her to trust her voice. The more she shared her work with others, the more and more certain Horn became in the assertion that her poetic practice is not complete until it is shared.


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